Services to Compliment Your Lumber Needs

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Gueydan Lumber & Plywood in Metairie, Louisiana offers several services to compliment our lumber products. Our team will work with you from initial product selection to delivery and reordering. Our quality of products and personalized service exceeds that of our competitors, and we strive to meet specialized needs for each customer.

We offer local and out of town delivery and quick & friendly service to get products out quickly, as long as your product is in stock. Our milling services can run different patterns and molding to supply custom (baseboard, crown, etc). We have the products needed for your next custom hardwood order at Gueydan Lumber & Plywood.

Local & Out-of-Town Delivery

Our lumber specialists deliver anywhere in Metairie or the surrounding cities, along with other areas of the state. The average time for delivery after ordering varies with the quantity and type of wood; however, we strive to set up delivery as soon as possible.

Friendly & Quick In-Store Service

Gueydan Lumber & Plywood, our staff offers no pressure, informative sales in our store to ensure you choose the type, cut, and size wood products you need for your commercial or personal construction project.

Fast Order Fulfillment

When we have the products you need already in stock, the order fulfillment process is especially fast and efficient. We will confirm all the details and provide you with a printed invoice the same day. Our staff follows up with a phone call, asking any questions or addressing changes regarding your order, and we encourage you to do the same throughout the process.

Milling Services

Gueydan Lumber & Plywood, Louisiana also provides advanced, detailed milling services. We can run different patterns and molding types, including baseboard and crown.

Resale Capabilities

Do you have some extra lumber you don’t need that’s in good condition? Bring it into our store for an assessment. If the items fit our inventory needs and are deemed sellable, we can resell your wood in our store.

Custom Hardwood Orders

Our lumber experts can custom order any of our hardwood products to fit your size, quantity, color, and density requirements. We’ll discuss your project details in depth so we can best fulfill your order and help you complete the work.